Gerald Mendez’s Vintage Airbrush Collection

Gerald Mendez is a professional illustrator who operates Aerografika Art Studios and has some heavy hitting clients like Disney and Dreamworks. He’s also a champion airbrush artist who teaches workshops around the world.

If you have not had the pleasure of browsing through Gerald Mendez’s jaw dropping Vintage Airbrush Collection facebook album, block out a good hour or two of your day, light some candles, toss a Barry White album on the turntable and immerse yourself into a wonderful world of airbrush.

Here are a few snap shots to get you salivating in the mean time…

Some classic models from Paasche, Wold, Efbe and more.
More vintage airbrushes from beloved brands including Badger, Paasche, Thayer Chandler, Olympos, Aerograph… and some great books too.
A Paasche AB from 1905 and a AIROSTYLE Krautzberger, D.R.P. with rare rotating color cup.
A very old one from Carl Ruckriem with original parts and paperwork.
A unique one from Aerograph with a builtin magnifying glass. Wow!

Check out the Video Tour!

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