Iwata Micron Series


For the elite professional who demands precise and accurate control of very detailed spraying, the Custom Micron Series is built to be the “best of the best,” hand-tested and adjusted by the world’s leading airbrush technicians. Special machining processes along with the meticulous hand-fitting of the parts create an airbrush with superb atomization and incredible control. By removing the crown cap and nozzle cap, these airbrushes will spray an entire range of stipple effects, from very fine to coarse textures.

Custom Micron Head System Superb Performance The unique feature of the hand-matched head system means all of the parts in the head are assembled, tested and adjusted until the spray characteristics are as perfect as an airbrush can be. Available only as a set, the head systems can be interchanged for maximum reliability and ultimate performance. Spare head systems can be purchased to ensure the Custom Micron will always spray to its fullest potential.

Good news! Iwata has made some very user friendly changes to their Micron series with out raising the cost. The new versions still use the same needles, nozzles, & head systems. They also perform & spray in the same unique way the original Microns do, so no changes in atomization.

Iwata Custom Micron CM-B Airbrush Model ICM2002

Item# ICM-2002
Regular price: $562.66

Sale price: $467.91

Iwata Custom Micron CM-SB Airbrush Model ICM3002

Item# ICM3002
Regular price: $562.66

Sale price: $467.91

Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Airbrush Model ICM4002

Item# ICM4002

Regular price: $669.29

Sale price: $467.91

Iwata Custom Micron CM-C Plus Airbrush Model ICM4502

Item# ICM4502

Regular price: $683.87

Sale price: $558.61