Iwata Airbrush Hoses

Iwata Airbrush Hoses

Iwata Cobra Coil polyurethane hoses are made of a high quality plastic. The coil shape stretches far when you need it to reach and retracts when you don’t, saving you space and avoiding entanglements.

Iwata Straight Shot polyurethane hoses are just a simple inexpensive high quality hose that gets the job done.

Iwata Nylon Braided Air Hoses are some of the most durable on the market! The finely threaded nylon braided air hoses have been tested for all sorts of abuse such as pulling, bending and getting stepped on. For artists who need a hose that will last through a lot of hard work, this is the choice.

Iwata 10 ft. Braided Nylon Air Hose

Regular price: $29.00
Sale price: $23.20
Iwata Strait Shot Airhose 10'

Regular price: $18.75
Sale price: $15.00
Iwata 6ft Cobra Coil Air Hose

Regular price: $23.75
Sale price: $19.00
Iwata 10ft Cobra Coil Air Hose - CT110

Regular price: $31.52
Sale price: $25.22