Air Hoses, Valves, Adapters

Air Hoses:
Choosing the right air hose for your airbrush is not a difficult choice but it is an important one. Consider how much length you will need. Six feet might will usually get you there, but if you want to be able to move around a bit ten feet or longer will be a better option. Also consider what circumstances your airbrush hose will be put through. If your looking for something that will be a space saver and not get in the way the plastic coiled hoses are a good choice. If you foresee your hose being bent, yanked, stepped on etc. a nylon braided air hose is the way to go.

Adapters: With the adapters available here today you can attach just about any brand of airbrush to any hose.

Quick Connects: Quick connect fittings are not completely necessary but will make your airbrush experience much easier! Instead of screwing the airbrush on and off the quick connect allows you to swiftly attach the airbrush with a simple push and pull.

Air Control Valves: This features puts great control in the hands of the airbrush artist. With an air control valve directly on the air hose the user can control the air pressure without having to adjust the compressor.