Badger 175 Crescendo

Badger 175 CRESCENDO Airbrush

Expert Review: When the good folks at Badger Air Brush Co. set out to design the Badger Crescendo 175 they had one goal in mind: to produce something in direct competition with the Paasche VL. Which at the time, believe it or not, was the best selling airbrush on the market. Like the VL, the Crescendo is a reliable workhorse with a chunky body and has a front heavy feel to it do to the lightweight plastic handle. It has three optional nozzle sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The black handle is in two pieces so that you can access the needle without having to unscrew the handle. Though most airbrush users today prefer a more modern, slimmer bodied airbrush, the Crescendo is still an all around good, affordable airbrush that will last forever and offers some decent versatility. Price $168.
Design: Quality: Cost to Performance Ratio: ★★
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