Spectrum 2000 Quick Colorchanger

Spectrum 2000 Quick ColorchangerSpectrum 2000 Quick Colorchanger by Silentaire Technology

* You can use up to nine different colors simultaneously.
* Easy handling; manual changing of colors with a Color-Dial at your fingertips.
* Pressure regulator is included to pressurize the paint (0-28 PSI) to pressurize the paint; this gives you the possibility of innumerous special effects (squirt, spatter and spray as never before!)
* Blend of colors; two colors of adjacent color bottles can be blended however you like.
* Quick change of color (cleaning of your airbrush with it’s color cup is not necessary.
* Easy and quick connection to your compressor with a 6mm Air Hose and Quick Connector.
* Application does not depend on direction; you can use the SPECTRUM 2000 in a vertical position, as well as upside-down!
* Simply backflushing of system once you decide to change colors with no loss of paint.
* All components are accepted by the FDA for applications in the field of any kind of edibles.
* The SPECTRUM 2000 can be connected to bottom-feed and sidefeed airbrushes with a special • adapter distributed through Silentaire Technology.
* This system can only be used on backsealed airbrushes (it’s a pressure system!); consult your airbrush store about the compatibility of the different airbrushes.
* Simple transport and connection to different sources of compressed air is possible.