Co2 Tanks and Propel Cans

Air Propellant Cans are disposable cans of air that look like spray paint cans. No electricity is needed to generate airflow from the can. In order to connect an airbrush to a propellant can a valve is attached to the top of the can and a hose is connected from the airbrush to the valve. This will provide good clean air to the airbrush but only for a very temporary period of time. If the airbrush is to be used often this will become a less then cost effective source of air. Propellant cans are only recommended to people who are planning to use an airbrush very seldom and with just small applications of paint.

CO2 Tanks are refillable tanks of compressed CO2. These tanks hold far more air than the small propellant cans and can operated at higher pressures. The tank needs to be brought to a filling station once the CO2 runs low and can no longer produce the desired air pressure. CO2 tanks produce good quality air and are a great option for people working events where electricity is not provided, such as outdoor fairs. Among those who are working at home or at the studio this is a less popular choice due to the cost and inconvenience of taking the tank to a CO2 provider for filling.