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“Badger Air-Brush Co. has embraced the philosophies of high quality, good value, and superior service since our inception over forty-five years ago. From the people we employ to the products we manufacture, Badger’s dedication to excellence and quality is unmatched. Every Badger product, at every stage of production, is created with pride and dedication. Each Badger airbrush component is machined to exacting standards, assembled carefully by hand and then tested in use to assure that it not only meets our high standards, but exceeds your expectations. Our research and development teams consistently experiment with new product ideas and designs in order to meet the changing needs and interests of airbrushers of all levels for every purpose.”

                                                                                          -Badger Airbrush Company

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

★★Full Review★★

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“If you’re not using a Badger airbrush, the train has left the station and you’re not on it.” John T. Jacobson

“Badger listens. Does anyone else?” “Scooter” Ellis

“Badger equipment is THE best!” Frank Reyes

“Promise me anything, but give me a Badger”  Gary “Boomer” Johnson

“Badger rocks!” Joe Porter

“The Badger airbrush meets the challenge of various paints and is reliable and very versatile” Judy Schieck

“Badger Anthem airbrushes are all I use! Whether I am creating your next NHL goaltender mask or just doing my day to day T-shirt painting, I never need another airbrush!” Jason Livery

“Badger airbrushes provide the detail and the ease of maintenance needed for my classroom instruction.” Joyce Sheets

“Badger MODELflexª paints are truly “user friendlyv as they go on easy and clean up easily. What can be better than a fantastic paint job that is actually easy to accomplish?” Kurt Van Dahm

“Whether painting a woodcarving for the most demanding of competitions or teaching airbrush classes to beginners, Badger is my choice for precision, practicality, and ease of use.” Clark Schreibeis

“As an artist who has used airbrush in my work since 1972, the Badger Airbrush has truly become an extension of myself and my Art for 30 years. I could no imagine using any other airbrush other than a Badger.” Peter West MFA

“Badger has always been like family to me. Not only do they offer the widest selection of durable equipment I’ve grown very comfortable using, but whenever a problem might arise they’re always there to help set things straight, right away.” Bill McGuffey

“I need a paint that is easy to apply, consistent in color and won’t crack off for the parties at the Playboy Mansion. We can be body painting as many as 20 girls in lingerie and various other outfits for these events, so there isn’t much room or time for error. Badger paints do these things for me and more.” Mark Frazier

“I’ve never been let down by a Badger Product. Whether you have a 5 minute deadline or not, they are always right behind you.” Tom Gilliland

“Badger is a part of every painting I create. Badger’s Air-Opaque white is the best white I’ve ever used. Period.” Dru Blair

“Ease of use and consistency of results. I have 3 Badger airbrushes and like them all!” Jim Six

“Badger is excellent! Excellent quality, excellent coverage, excellent airbrushes and paints for the model industry.” Mac MacCalla

“Badger’s airbrushes, paint lines, durability and quality are top notch. Their craftsmanship and technical support is exceptional. I use my Omni every day.” Michael Smith

“Badger makes me look good! Sometimes I still shock myself with the great results!” Steve Koepp, Parma Int’l.

“Thayer & Chandler airbrushes take me anywhere I want to go – I’ve tried them all and always go back to the best.” Candi Margetson

“I’ve been a model railroader for thirty-five years and been using Badger Airbrushes since the very beginning. I don’t use anything else.” John Lee

“I use Badger products because as a body artist I have to finish painting quickly, so I need reliable equipment.” Neil Roth

“We’re all out for the best brush, the best quality. Crescendo is it. Crescendo combines everything I look for in a gun. It’s a beauty.” Art Alvarez

“T-shirt artists put a gun through hell. Crescendo is the gun to have if you’re a serious professional.” Tim Mitchell

“The 200-20 detail airbrush is the best airbrush I’ve used in 20+ years of custom painting. It was specially designed to spray lacquers and acrylics in detail applications. I love it. I would highly recommend it to you.” Chris Toth

“I finished up a couple of fish with my airbrush. I got incredible detail and loved it. I even sprayed some spots with minute air pressure(about 5 PSI) here is a picture of the 2 fish. I got 2 2nd place ribbons in the Masters division at our Association of Indiana Taxidermists convention.” Todd Buchanan, Buck’s Pro Mount Taxidermy

“The new Renegade Velocity is the best airbrush i’ve ever used for modeling. The ultra thin lines it creates are perfect for predator kits and prototypes of any scale. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks again Badger.” Bobby Sutton

“I didn’t know detail could be so easy !! If a brush out there can be any better I don’t know how or what kind it could be ! Straight out of the box, lacquer paint, 1 drop retarder and 30 lb’s psi and OMG ! THANK THANK THANK YOU ! You just made this ole boy’s life one hell of a lot easier,not to mention what it doe’s for my work! Thanks again.” Michael Faulkner, Professional Taxidermist