Paasche Airbrush Hoses

Paasche braided hoses are finely threaded, flexible, reliable hoses with fittings.

Each of these hoses have a Paasche airbrush fitting on one end and a 1/4″ fitting on the compressor end except for the Heavy Duty hoses which have a 3/4″ fitting.

Paasche 4′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 6′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 8′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 10′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 15′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 20′ Braided Airhose
Paasche 10′ Airhose w/Quick Disconnect installed
Paasche 15′ Airhose with Quick Disconnect Installed
Paasche 8′ Airhose with Moistur Trap
Paasche 20′ Airhose with Moisture Trap
Paasche 10′ Braided Air Hose with Moisture Trap Installed
Paasche 10ft Plastic Coiled Airhose
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16″ Braided Hose – 6 ft
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16″ Braided Hose – 8 ft
Paasche Heavy-Duty 3/16″ Braided Hose – 10 ft
Paasche Model: AC-1/8 1/4 Coupling – to Compressor
Paasche Model: AC-20 1/8-1/4-40 Coupling – to Airbrush
Paasche Rubber “O” Ring (pack of 6)