Artool Biomech FX by Mike Lavellee

“My inspiration for the Artool® BioMech FX™ Templates came from the 70’s & 80’s si- cinema with bio-mechanical backgrounds and alien creatures. My goal is to pass along some of the ideas I had while watching these outrageous lms. Airbrushing bio-mechanical imagery is now a breeze with the Artool® BioMech FX™ Freehand® Airbrush Templates. Included in the BioMech FX™ Series — Skull Buster and Spinal Trap — is Tech Support: several repetitive patterns to replicate a myriad of bio and bio-mechanical textures. Create hoses and milled-out metal runners by placing the template at the end of each column. Tech Support has multiple uses: paint a color through the center portion, move the template over and line up the holes to the widened center portion of the part you just sprayed. Airbrush a lighter color through the holes to mimic a row of lights down the center of the pattern. You can experiment by layering each template over the other to create an endless array of sophisticated BioMech FX™!”

— Mike Lavalle

Artool Biomech FX – Skull Buster BMFX 1 by Mike Lavellee $123.45
Artool Biomech FX – Spinal Tap BMFX 2 by Mike Lavellee $64.97