Paasche Talon TG and TS Airbrushes

Expert Review: At first glance this airbrush seems very similar in design to the Devilbiss DAGR which is a good start. On closer inspection there are some major differences. Primarily its versatility; the Talon has four available nozzle sizes ranging from 0.2mm to 0.66mm which is a great range for custom automotive art. There is also the option of the fan-cap that works with the 0.66mm nozzle set; perfect for primers and candies. Everything works great on the Talon but you need to keep the nozzle and air-cap screwed on tight; like really tight. All in all the cost to performance ratio on this series can’t be beat and the parts are very affordable too. Price Range $70 to $100.
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The newest addition to the Paasche Airbrush line is the gravity feed “Talon”. The Talon was designed to be Paasche’s high end airbrush and will deliver the highest level of detail and control. The trigger and air valve have been redesigned to allow for a smoother stroke as well as ease of assembly and durability. The Talon is 100% made in the USA at Paasche’s Chicago plant.

Talon TG
-.38mm Fluid Tip, Needle and Crowned Cap
-.4 Ounce Cup with Cover
-Sprays Hair Lines to 1 1/2 Inch Patterns
-Cutaway Handle with Preset Needle Stop.
-New Trigger, Piston and Air-valve style.

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Talon TS
-Double action internal mix.
-Fine detail control.
-Anodized Aluminum Handle.

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